Kernel 6.1.5+, screensaver lock, and rtcwake

I posted a version of this question to the Arch forum (6.1.4.arch1-1+, an external monitor, and rtcwake / Newbie Corner / Arch Linux Forums) because I first experienced the problem in Arch. I got no response there so I’m looking to the Fedora community for advice. The problem seems to be kernel-related, but I don’t know for sure.

PROBLEM: Gnome’s screensaver lock is not being activated in kernels 6.1.5 and later the same way it was activated in 6.0.18 and earlier. I’m using An external monitor at HDMI-1 on a Lenovo laptop because the built-in monitor (eDP-1) is broken.

FURTHER OBSERVATIONS: In 6.0.18-200.fc36 and earlier, when laptop wakes at the completion of a scheduled rtcwake command, Gnome’s screensaver lock is triggered (this is the screen that reads “Click or press a key to unlock”). After 15-ish seconds, the screensaver lock closes and external monitor enters “power saving mode” (goes back to sleep) while the laptop remains on and active until the next scheduled rtcwake command. This is the expected and desired behavior.

Beginning with 6.1.5-200.fc37 and still present in 6.1.6-200.fc37, Gnome’s screensaver lock is not getting triggered at the completion of the scheduled rtcwake command. Instead, the external monitor wakes up and remains on and active in a blank-screen state all day, or until I realize the monitor is on, and I manually move the mouse or touch the keyboard to trigger Gnome’s screensaver lock. Once the screensaver lock is triggered manually, the monitor will behave as expected, entering “power saving mode” after about 15 seconds.

Does anyone have any advice for locating the source of the changed behavior?