Kernel 6.1.13 update breaks storage support for Crucial BX500 SSD drive

my system is Fedora 37 workstation with Gnome 43.3 DE running on Lenovo Ideapad 15 (CPU i3 11th gen)… I have an extra SSD storage Crucial BX500 1TB capacity which was being detected every time I turn my laptop on as it existed until the update 6.1.13… the further updates 14, 15… brought no positive change, the SSD is still undetected. Rolling back to 6…12 and lower versions of the kernel makes the drive “seen” as it was before.
Is there any trick to make the drive discoverable despite the kernel version?

I haven’t seen any similar reports, and that’s certainly a concerning regression. Is there anything in the logs related to this? journalctl -b -t kernel should give you all kernel log messages since the last reboot. Might be useful to compare with working kernels. Also try searching the systemd logs for anything matching “crucial” (case insensitive) with journalctl -b -g crucial (the -g is for “grep”).

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