Kernel 5.11.16-200.fc33 with Nvidia driver does not boot

All the recent kernels, aka (5.11.11 to 5.11.15) work just fine. Just the 5.11.16 gives me a black screen of death.

I am running the Nvidia and Openrazer drivers, however, those are running fine on all the other kernels.

Anything I can try?

I mean, I can wait till 5.11.17 but … And I would rather not upgrade to F34 before this works just in case I cannot use my machine.

With Fedora Workstation, I would wait until you have a working kernel in the latest available updates before I tried a release upgrade. If you are thinking of doing a reinstall, you might consider if Fedora Silverblue would be good fit for your use case.

Oh yes, I am waiting to have a working latest kernel. I tend to wait a month or so before updating… safer that way.

I was wondering if someone had a clue as to what could be wrong. The black screen of death is unhelpful.

I am now running 5.11.17-200.fc33.x86_64 just fine. I guess 5.11.16 is a dud one…

And I appear to be unable to update the title. Meh.