[KDE] Window animations stopped working, how do I find the cause and fix?


From last two boots I am noticing that all the animation has gone from my system.

  • The animation which used to happen on click on the fedora menu.
  • The animation of wobbly window.
  • Transparency from my Konsole is also gone.

I have not installed any graphics related package which might cause this. The last software I installed was gitkraken, which I installed the same hour. Other than that it’s just regular sudo dnf update stuff I did.

Can you please help me figure out which package this error is coming from, and whether it can be fixed by resetting preferences?

Any diagnostics you suggest?

When I went to: System Settings —> Display and Monitor —> Compositor, I saw a warning saying OpenGL has caused to crash KWin (or something of that sort). I changed back the Rendering backend to XRender and then back to OpenGL.

Taken from: kubuntu - Transparency Effects in KDE Plasma, not supported by color scheme - Ask Ubuntu

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