KDE stuttering after updating to 6.1 on G14 2023

I recently upgraded to KDE 6.1 on my Fedora 40 machine. While it generally works, I’m experiencing some issues. Plasma components like System Settings, the panel, and menu are stuttering. Plasma Discover is particularly problematic - it takes ages to launch and freezes whenever I try to use it. SELinux is also giving me headaches, constantly throwing errors for my apps. How’s KDE 6.1 performing for you all? I’m considering a fresh install at this point.

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If selinux is showing errors then the first thing I would suggest would be to run sudo touch /.autorelabel and reboot. Wait for the relabel to finish during the reboot then see if there is a difference.

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Thanks. The SELinux issue seems to be a known bug, especially with Electron/Chromium apps. It’s not a major problem for me, just happens occasionally on startup. The bigger issue is with KDE components like KRunner and Discover frequently crashing or freezing. I’ll probably wait for a few more updates. If things don’t improve, I might end up reinstalling my system.