KDE Panel & Multiple Monitors


Hi, I have been searching and Googling but to no avail. None seem to specifically address this issue and I am thinking of submitting a bug report.

The situation is as follows.

I have a laptop (Thinkpad T420) that I connect to a TV via DisplayPort

I have KDE on Fedora 31 and each monitor/screen has a Task Manager on it’s respective Panel

When I am finished working, I will turn off the television and shut the laptop.

When I re-open laptop and turn the television back on, the taskbars appear, but all of my tasks are no longer in the task bar
Even if I move them back and forth between monitors, the tasks do not appear in the laptop screens taskbar

So far the only solution I have is to remove the Task Manager Panel altogether, and then undo that change, where the re-loading of the Task Manager Panel will cause the tasks to appear again.

This is becoming quite annoying and time-consuming and I am hoping to find a solution.

Has anyone else experienced a similar issue?

Kind Regards,
Jason Smedvik