KDE 6 expected time of arrival for Fedora 39

I was noticing an article on phoronix that KDE 6 just released on Feb 28th. What would the expected time be to see it in Fedora 39 updates? Would it be mid-March?

It will not arrive in 39.

Please use a second drive (a VM is not realistic enough) and install Fedora rawhide there, or Fedora Kinoite prerelease.

There are suddenly tons of bugs being reported in the KDE Discuss, that seem pretty huge. They are all on KDE Neon, while my Kinoite prerelease experience was extremely stable 2 weeks or so ago.

Plasma 6 will arrive with Fedora 40, which is a fixed version. Then there already is a difference between 40 and rawhide, as rawhide is the git release, while 40 is not released yet but already somewhat feature frozen (as far as I understood it)

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Okay so I’ll go to Fedora 40, after it’s out a while and it’s on KDE 6.1, 6.2 or something later than 6.0

The daily spin of the fedora 40 iso is usually available at the below while it is in development (branched and beta)

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For me I simply did this
sudo systemctl system-upgrade download --releasever=40 --allowerasing --best
and of course
sudo systemctl system-upgrade reboot

I’m on that now with my MSI Bravo 15 (A4DDR), that puts my on KDE 6.0.1 as of right now.
But I’m marking the Jeff V answer as the solution for the general case

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That does the direct upgrade. The iso does for the new installation. :+1:

Yep, I know the implications of doing it that way, so I went thru all the “rpmconf -a” and clean up of conf files and so on

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