Jetson Nano can't boot Fedora Server


Fedora 39 Server image (or possibly also a fully updated Fedora 38 Server) doesn’t boot on the Jetson Nano ARM board. A bug in the firmware for the Nano prevents boot from proceeding much beyond GRUB.


Server images use the firmware-provided dtb (device tree blob/binary) because the kernel-provided dtb cannot be read from XFS filesystem (used on a Server image). Other images use the kernel-provided dtb because they don’t use XFS.

Related Issues

Bugzilla report: #2247873


You need to avoid using XFS as your filesystem. A possible workaround is to use the Fedora Minimal disk image, instead of Fedora Server, because it has ext4 root filesystem and not XFS.

Once you have booted the Fedora Minimal system, install all Server Edition packages by running:

sudo dnf group install server-product-environment

You can discuss this issue here.

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This should be resolved in the Fedora 40 Beta release.

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