I've turned on voting... let's see how it goes!

The old Ask Fedora was modeled (at least in theory) on Stack Exchange, where upvoting and downvoting posts is part of the whole system. Discourse also has a voting option, and I’ve turned it on as an experiment.

Things I’ll be looking for:

  1. Most importantly: is it useful?
  • Does it make frequent questions and common problems rise to the top?
  • Does it help signal when multiple people have the same question?
  1. Problematic voting patterns – I’m not sure exactly what they might be, but we’ll find out.
  2. Off-topic poll use (although, for that matter, people can use the Poll Builder in a topic if they really want to – have we seen a lot of that? I think the fact that there are no downvotes, just upvotes, helps here.
  3. People not using it. This was a problem on the old site: 20 posts on the first page and 19 of them with zero votes looks bad.

Because I only speak English, I’ve only enabled this for the English category and for this one. @staff, please feel free to do a similar experiment in other language categories.

My idea is to let this go for a month or so and then come back here and see what we think.

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Also, here’s the settings for the plugin:

… and speaking of polls, here’s one!

Should we increase the number of votes allowed?
  • No, this seems fine.
  • Yes, but only by a small amount
  • Yes, by a large amount, so people can vote on lots of things and can leave those votes on important FAQs

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The default settings allocate more votes to higher trust levels. Is this good?
  • Yes, it’s a nice reward for more involved users.
  • No, we should make the same amount of votes available
  • Mixed: keep t0 low, but make t1+ some larger flat number

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I would suggest that increasing the maximum allowed votes for higher trust levels would allow those who are more involved to actually show their approval. Too low a number would potentially spend all their votes early and prevent voting on worthwhile posts later. Two low a number would also potentially cause them to reserve voting on an answer that is worthwhile but they do not want to expend the last few votes as they wait for something more worthy.

What happens when you use up your votes? Do they ever come back or are they gone for good? If they never come back, most people will be very reluctant to vote because there might be a better post to vote for later.

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You can remove votes and move them to other questions.

You can see my current votes at https://discussion.fedoraproject.org/u/mattdm/activity/votes – or yours at the similar URL with your username.

So in order to vote for a new post, you have to take one away from an older post. That’s just so wrong.

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It’s a common pattern for, like, feature voting sites. You basically highlight the thing you are most interested in. But, we could make the limits be, like, 1,000,000. That’s basically what the polls are about.

I’m actually thinking maybe something like this:

t0: two votes. Most likely to just vote up their own topic anyway.

t1: ten votes. Ask more questions, spread the love, whatever

t2+: an effectively infinite number for site regulars.


Back on the old Ask Fedora site there was a limit on voting, but I think it was per day, which makes more sense to me.

So, one thing I don’t like is the “0 votes” display in topic lists, like at https://discussion.fedoraproject.org/latest. I asked Discourse support, and they said:

Hello! There wasn’t a way to do this (I believe the bold style only applies to topics that you’ve voted for), but it seems like a simple improvement, so I’ve updated the plugin.

The next time your site is updated you’ll be able to use add this CSS to your theme to hide the vote count:

.vote-count-0 {

 display: none;


@hhlp, do you know how to do this?


Also, I think I phrased my poll badly about the number of votes, because I don’t know how strong of an opinion “No this seems fine” really represents. Folks who voted that, way, did you mean “I don’t really care”, or “we should definitely keep it the way it is”, or something in between. So let me actually add another one:

If we set the vote limits to t0=2, t1=10, t2=100,000, t3=1,000,000, t4=1,000,000, I think:
  • This would be good. We should do it as soon as this poll closes.
  • This would be bad. We should definitely do something different.
  • I think something else is better, but I am okay with this.
  • I don’t know for sure, but I think it’s worth trying.
  • I do not care.

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i would suggest give 2 types of vote one will be normal and one will be more serious or higher value vote so we have option to give vote without worry of exhausting votes.
example higher value votes will only in a extremely limited number and normal votes will be in a sufficient number so if we think something is extremely important some thing bug or a issue or a feature request we can give it a higher valued vote or else the normal vote is always there.
thank you.

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This is an interesting idea, but the plugin doesn’t support that, so that functionality would need to be developed.

Yes, the theme area on discourse provide an online CSS editor for this purpose:

I will look after this when the site update again, make the changes and test it.

last update was 16 hours ago.


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Ups some problem here:

1.- Editing of remote themes is disabled in Discourse

2.- This is the Option I’m refering to:




1.- We’re on deployment a new THEME with the Design TEAM, we can notify their to include this behaviour in the new RELEASE, I don’t know the STATUS of this.

2.- We can migrate for a temporal THEME, maintaining an ASKFEDORA Default Clone with SYNCying with the REMOTE/UPSTREAM, APPLY here and make your changes, I can do it if that is your wish without any problem, A GOOD IDEA, I can contact Discourse TEAM, if I’m not wrong the SOURCE is → GitHub - discourse/discourse-category-banners.

3.- We can do it with DARK and LIGHT.


Can we LEAVE without this, for the moment or NOT?


Thanks! It’s not urgent. I think we shouldn’t wait for the Fedora custom theme, though. Let’s modify the dark and light themes?

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Yeah, GOOD IDEA I make your changed in LIGTH, test it and make it as DEFAULT


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Done, fix it, @mattdm, here is the changed:

  1. I’ve made changed in Light., without make default, and testid in my own profile:


  1. This is the behavior before:

  1. This is the behavior after:

  1. same changes in DARK:


  1. Changes in Light, and make it default:


  1. and Disabled askfedora DEFAULT…


This also affect a TOP


As a regular user I have not found a way to do any theme selection, but only can use what is default system wide. Apparently discourse does not allow any personal customization of what is displayed for the user. I use google chrome and don’t know how it acts on other browsers.

You should be able to choose this in Preferences under Interface

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