Badges for Ask Fedora (and Fedora Discussion overall)

Continuing the discussion from Magical Experimental Fedora Badges Topic!:

Chris noticed that I turned off the built-in Discourse badges on Ask Fedora. They’ve been turned off on this site for a while.

Most of these are for little things encouraging you to try site features – like “First Reply by Email” and so on, but also there are things like “Know it all” for having 50 replies marked as solutions, or “Devoted” for visiting every day for a year. (See Discourse Meta for a list of these built-in badges.) I don’t mind the first type, but don’t think they’re really necessary to learn site features. On the other hand, I think the ones that really reward and celebrate active, constructive participation are important.

What’d I’d really like is to have some Fedora Discussion and Ask Fedora badges as part of Fedora Badges. Let’s brainstorm what those might be!

  • an increasing series of badges for asking questions in the Ask category (maybe specifically questions which get a certain number of positive reactions?)
  • an increasing series of badges for providing solutions in Ask
  • days-visited seems fun too
  • a badge for having posted in an Introductions thread
  • conversation starter: number of topics created (maybe “with at least one reply by someone else”?)
  • conversation participatant / number of replies
  • an increasing series of badges for various post reactions :classic_smiley:
  • and also for giving other people’s posts likes and reactions
  • badges for serving as a moderator
  • badges for reaching each trust level
  • maybe some of the entry-level “first post” kind of badges?

I’m not quite sure of what mechanism we’d use to award these (since we don’t have reliable message-bus history for every post – there is a bridge, but it doesn’t cover everything and has had some reliability problems). But I’m sure we can figure something out once we decide on what we want.


Absolutely agreed!

With regards to the constructive participation, I think getting positive reactions (such as “likes”) but also distributing positive reactions to others should keep encouraged. The same for providing solutions. With regards to the latter, I think that the solution function is not really in use and many people just leave the topic as it is once their problem is solved (without marking a solution). Maybe it could be also some incentive (=badge) for people to mark solutions (…from others…) once a topic is solved? At the moment, the “solution” badges for those who provide solutions do not provide much incentives since it is arbitrary if the solution function is used once the topic is solved. At least people who regularly ask questions could be triggered that way to mark solutions if applicable. Obviously, this is not necessarily only about ask.fp. Just some idea :wink: Call it a mutual encouragement or such :smiley:


Yeah — there are some pop-ups asking the OP if their problem is solved, but they are easy to ignore.

Also, on Ask, the trust level required to mark a solution for someone else’s question was set to 3, and I’ve set it to that here now too in anticipation. (From the default of 4.)

I think a badge for this is a good idea, but also I think we should create a norm where mods and high-level users mark solutions after a few days. (And maybe have a separate badge for that!)

(Practical suggestion for tl3+ — if a question appears answered correctly, set a timed bookmark for 3 or 4 days later, and then when that pops up, mark the solution. Assuming of course there are not new developments.)

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I have seen this used on another Linux forum I was on and it was very motivating for people. They were actively trying to help users and solve their problems because of those badges.

I think the levels for badges on that site was 1, 10 and 100 solutions. It was a reasonable balance.