Magical Experimental Fedora Badges Topic!

Let me get on the badges train :slight_smile:

badges… badges everywhere! :man_mage:

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Badges Badges Badges Badges Badges Badges Badges Badges. A mushroom mushroom.

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Is this needed to be repeat …

It is only triggered when you post — it does not update.

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if py == 195:

Btw, I saw that the ask.fedora badges seem to be no longer triggered?

py11000011 :grin:

It seams they got deactivated …

hey, I want badges too!


If I get time on Friday, I’m planning on making some changes — I’m going to retire this topic, and instead give badges for everyone. And I want to:

  • Implement badge categories, like “Content Badges”, “Development Badges”, etc., as seen in the Fedora Badges system.
  • Make them bigger — the images for badges have a built-in transparent border, like this:
    sample badge.
    There’s a semi-transparent shadow effect, but outside of that there’s still a 16-pixel border which can be removed, making the badges slightly bigger wherever they’re used here.

I’ll see if I can find an “update” operation that does the trick, but it may turn out to be easier to remove-and-replace. In that case, your badges may vanish from this site. If this happens, do not panic — I promise I will return them! :classic_smiley:


Hook me up…badges badges badges :wink:

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Yes Badges!

did you get some ?

I didnt get one

I did! Now I can use my marketing team badge. :slight_smile:

Hello fellow badgers.

It doesn’t look like you have any badges in the badge system yet. I think there are a few that you should get — but it might be on a daily refresh to fill in. Once some show up, reply here again.

Aqui estou…


ja ja