I've turned on voting... let's see how it goes!

I don’t have an interface option in any menu I can find.

Actually there’are TWO Discourse Theme:

  1. Light - Theme is enabled by default
  2. Dark

Two Theme’s can be selected by users.




I found it now, had not seen that option before. Please delete the link from your post above.
Thank you for the help

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Just FYI, you can do:


and the “my” gets magically replaced with the user id of any logged-in user (and to the login page for people who aren’t logged in already).


Yes it is interesting and developing this idea i thing it will be better and i could have tried to contribute for but i am not from that field so i am unable to do that but if someone is please make it happen. It will be nice and more interactive.

@b10n1k and @augenauf — you have both voted “This would be bad. We should definitely do something different”, but haven’t mentioned why it would be bad or what you think the something different should be. Can you elaborate?

I don’t understand the sense of upvoting a question. It’s not a Feature Request or Bug Report where popularity or urgency is measured.

Different questions may be of interest to different people but ranking those questions by upvotes makes no sense to me. Also, we have a very similar feature, which is liking a question…

So, what I would do different? Turn off voting for questions.

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If the solution to a question (or the question itself) is something often needed or asked then the upvote can make it more easily identified and considered for inclusion in a FAQ or similar.

The like adds to the vote but does not replace it since a like applies to a single post in the thread but the vote applies to the entire thread.

A user can only vote on a question once, but can like each and every answer within that thread if they choose.

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Sentiment seems very in favor overall of trying out the higher vote limits, so I’ve gone ahead and done that. @augenauf, I see where you’re coming from, but I think there’s no way to really tell without experimenting. So let’s come back this around the end of November and see what the results are.

If we feel it’s positive, I’ll write up a post about voting for the Start Here category.

If it turns out to not be adding much, or making things worse, we’ll turn it off.

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I think the vote counts need to be viewable in the search results page.

I’m thinking that people who come to this site to find an answer to a question they have will use the search feature first (hopefully). And if the goal of the voting is to surface the most useful or most common questions, that needs to be viewable in the search results. Currently you can sort the results by “most votes”, but you still can’t see the number.

Yeah, that seems like a reasonable feature request for the plugin.

It’s a little awkward, but you can get the top-voted questions by tag, like this:


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I am all in for experimenting, otherwise, we won’t know…

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Also, since we are trying the “zillion votes” option, I think having “my votes” prominently in the header is more clutter than useful, so I’ve hidden it. You can still find all of your own votes under your profile at https://discussion.fedoraproject.org/my/activity/votes.

It seems I cannot vote on closed topics.

That is correct, and one of the reasons I think we shouldn’t close topics except when they have some specific reason.

Is there a topic that you want to vote on that’s closed? If so, flag it and we can reopen.

Not at the moment, but in General, if Votes will affect topic listings, then a good question with a good answer can be relevant for years.

So it will be good when readers can vote on them.

I agree. If you see one of those you want to vote on, please flag it to be reopened.

Not necessarily true that number of votes means best answer, especially with just having turned on voting and the number of older posts that were not voted on.

It arguably could be interpreted that way going forward, and older posts that are still relevant with a good solution being voted on would assist in leveling the field in that respect.

So, if it’s what we all want it do, we could make a support request to have all topics which were closed by the timer reopened.

Voting is for the whole topic, not always meaning the solution is good.