Issues calibrating touchscreen on fedora 39

I just got my lenovo yoga 730-13iwl back from a repair shop, for me the perfect time to convert it to a linux machine with fedora 39 workstation. They replaced my screen and I want to re-calibrate the touch functionality (also with the lenovo pen). I should be able to use the menu in settings to calibrate the screen but it can’t seem to find the touch input as wacom tablet.
The weird thing is that while the touchscreen works, with an offset, I cannot find the touch input as a lsusb or lspci device but it has a device id given by xinput.
Is there anyone familiar with touch input calibration that has some pointers for me to start digging?

A bit late to the forum, but I just installed Fedora 39 on a Surface Pro 7 with the linux surface kernel and needed to calibrate screen and pen. In settings under Wacom Tablet I did find the calibration for screen and ran it. But the issue I have with the pen was not resolved. Point of touch on the screen using the pen is about an inch off. So in order to, say, X (close out) of a window, I have to move the pen an inch above that X in order to do it.

It’s not that big a deal, but would be great if there was a way to touch with the pen and use calibration, not just your finger.

Sheila Flanagan

I own a HUION KAMVAS Pro 16 Graphics Drawing Tablet, with the issue of an offset. The Linux driver does not allow for screen calibration and there are no settings for it in Gnome.I wanted to use it for Inkscape, Krita, Blender workflow. Wacom devices I hear have better support for these things but that is very iffy as well.

You must have drivers from the manufacturer to have these devices function properly, in my case, I have basically abandoned the device until the community comes up with a solution.
Drawing is difficult the further i get from the center of the screen, as there comes an offset increasingly bad by the bottom or edges. i do not know if running on X is better but on Wayland it’s a no go for me.

Here is a github link around the Surface/Linux community :

I have no issues drawing from screen edge to screen edge (I don’t draw art, but rather blueprint-type layouts with exterior house measurements) it is only in using the pen as a stylus that I am affected. When I ran the calibration, it came back with my surface make/model, etc. and had a section for a “generic pen” with settings for left/right buttons, but that does not apply to me as the MPen only has one, is not bluetooth connected, etc.

I got the driver from the GitHub page so I have read through most of that over the 2 or 3 times I have had to install the kernel when I switch Linux distros.

My Lenovo Yoga 6 works perfectly with Pop OS, both pen & touch screen, but they support Linux, so even though it came with W11, I instantly switched to Linux and with various distros found Pop to be the best for tablet use. But the dang surface only has 4 gb ram and Pop was beginning to be too much on it. Fedora is working great as long as I remember not to power use it…lol.

Thanks for the input.

Sheila Flanagan