Wacom Pen and multitouch sensor dead after suspend

I used fedora-31 on a Lenovo X1 carbon laptop. Normally lsusb shows

Bus 001 Device 005: ID 056a:5147 Wacom Co., Ltd Pen and multitouch sensor

but when I close my laptop (suspend) this entry is gone after wakeup and I cannot use the touch screen and the pen any more. I have to reboot my machine to be able to use this device again. All other usb devices are still there after wakeup.

Yesterday I updated to fedora-32 hoping for an improvement but unfortunately this behaviour remained the same.

Is there any possibility to use touch screen and pen without rebooting? This seems to be a kernel bug. Any help is welcome!

From the better late then never department: Yes this is a known issue on some models, a workaround for this is to go into the BIOS options/setup and then change the “sleep state” setting in the BIOS from “Linux” to “Windows 10” because the BIOS-es behavior for the Linux settings is broken and recent Linux kernels work fine when using the Windows settings.

I hope this helps.

I can’t seem to find any setting that’s similar to this solution in my bios.

I’m using a Thinkpad Yoga x380, and I believe this may be my issue as well. When I booted another distro via USB, touchscreen worked again, and it worked again in Fedora 36. However, after randomly going into suspend, the touchscreen failed to turn on again and remained at 0%.