Is there CentOS Stream 9 btrfs enabled kernel or akmod?

I have been using Fedora since f29 and all my data drives are btrfs mirrored raid 1. I have decided to run a homelab file share, backup, and maybe a nextcloud -owncloud instance for the Fedora PCs and Windows PCs my family uses. I have just installed CentOS Stream 9 on my server and find btrfs is not a thing. I already knew that btrfs was depreciated in RHEL 7 CentOS 7 days. But, I thought that was only for btrfs on root. I like xfs just fine on root, but I thought there would at least be btrfs support on a data disk the way ext4 and others are available in Stream9. Is there an EPEL or rpmfusion like way to just get btrfs enablement on Stream9. I regularly go to dnf for most of my package add, but I am no guru either. Is there some qlready made .rpm or script out there that I can install in an hour without a lot of background knowledge? I am just looking to mount and manage btrfs disks like I do on Fedora?

There is, from the Kmod SIG.

The Hyperscale SIG also builds kernels but these might be more experimental

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Wow! Thanks much, this looks good.