Fedora and CentOS Stream

This category is a little bare, so here’s a topic! I wrote a Fedora Magazine post about Fedora and the new “CentOS Stream”. Happy to discuss how people think we can benefit from this in Fedora development!


By simplifying. This means that now the real upstream of RHEL will be such rolling release called CentOS Stream? That is in turn downstream of Fedora?

“Real” is a loaded word, so I’m not sure how to respond to that. CentOS Stream will be the upstream for released RHEL versions.

Real… True?
I mean. Generally speaking, Fedora is considered upstream to RHEL (or at least, you can read this statement in various places). BTW it is upstream to a certain extent. The two distributions are pretty different. It has nothing to do like RHEL as upstream to CentOS or to Oracle Linux.
Now, CentOS stream will be upstream to RHEL, and the two will be pretty similar, right?

From what I can tell:

  • Fedora will still be upstream to RHEL / CentOS rolling.
  • CentOS Stream will contain new features before they hit RHEL, but still after Fedora.

So the order would be as such:

  • Fedora gets new stuff.
  • Some new stuff is planned to be integrated into RHEL.
  • New stuff hits CentOS Stream.
  • New stuff hits RHEL/CentOS stable.

The official blog post says:

The CentOS Stream project sits between the Fedora Project and RHEL in the RHEL Development process, providing a “rolling preview” of future RHEL kernels and features.

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I see potential for CentsOS Stream in the server market. Especially, where someone wants the good qualities of RHEL but also get the newest features from Fedora in a faster process @mattdm .

Note that this won’t necessarily accelerate change in RHEL itself — the updates going into CentOS Stream are the same ones that would land in a RHEL 8.y release. They’ll just land there nightly rather than at a six-month window.

That said, with Fedora EPEL with modularity, I hope we can offer faster moving Fedora packages built on an EL base as options for both RHEL and CentOS Stream users.