Is there an update from 34 for beta to 34 stable?

I have been typing in sudo rpm-ostree update a whole bunch since April 27th but nothing seems to be happening. Will it take a few days?

Sudo is not required.

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out of curiosity, why is this?

Silverblue is built directly from the latest packages available in the repos. Beta, RC, etc. are labels that correspond to a set of packages from those repos but not much has changed in the last week before release so the packages are essentially the same. You are already running stable F34.

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WRT Sudo and sudoers, with Fedora Workstation and subsequent release variants such as Silverlbue, since F2? it has been standard practice to have the user part of the “wheel” group which provides some limited admin capabilities. Aside from this, the system updates in an entirely atomic fashion, as @Siosm explained here in his comment What this means at the functional level is that for most tasks the normal user rights will suffice to accomplish them and thus reduce your systems attack surface as an added security benefit. Also, since it is sort of offered as a container based workflow facilitating OS, all the container tools such as Podman Buildah and Skopeo work rootless, which again adds to your system security through another reduction of root access to the containers they build/manage/inspect. It also has the added benefit of reducing the user’s use of sudo, and essentially eliminates the use of root privileges for normal daily development work.

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Thanks for the explanation!

I did just get a really big update, so that might also have been related.