Is there a way to ask for a package to be added into Fedora's repo

Like in my own case, I use the gnome desktop-icon extension in my workflow and would like to send a request for considering a rpm package to be added into Fedora’s repo for better management purpose, if at all possible.

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There is a Package maintainers wishlist on Fedora Wiki, but I think suggestions from there are rarely getting packaged. People generally add packages to Fedora because they are paid to do so or because it’s something they use and/or develop. I am not saying it’s not possible that someone will package it for you, but the probability of that is likely quite low.

You should consider becoming package maintainer yourself, it’ s not that hard and it’s a fun way of contributing to Fedora. (You can start with Copr if the the process for becoming a Fedora package maintainer looks too complicated for you.) I don’t have experience with packaging of GNOME Shell extensions, but it sounds like it should be relatively simple to package one.


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