Is there a way to add a WM to the GDM options?

I want to use a custom build of sway as my window manager. I’m able to run it from a second virtual console but I’m unable to add it to the list of WM on GDM.

I would typically add a file to /usr/share/wayland-sessions or modify the existing sway.desktop to point to my custom sway path. In silver blue that isn’t possible. Is there a writable folder I could use to accomplish this? Sway doesn’t require root so it would be cool to just run it out of my home dir.

If you’re just testing use rpm-ostree usroverlay.

If you’re not, having global system files point to user-managed binaries is generally a bad idea for security and maintenance reasons.

Yeah I was wondering if there was a secondary location that is writable where I could drop a new config file for gdm to read. Some utilities let you have user managed configs in use owned locations. In this case it’s before you log in though :frowning: I also wasn’t sure if there was another directory being used by silver blue where I could set this. Sort of like how home is in var

Hmm actually at a glance, gdm seems to search all the system data directories, so placing it under /usr/local/share/wayland-sessions should also work. (/usr/local is writable on ostree systems.)


That’s great news. I’ll give it a try tomorrow. Thanks @refi64

This worked out! Thanks for finding that!