Is it usual that installing and removing Nvidia proprietary driver makes laptop unable to sleep?

I installed proprietary Nvidia graphics drivers and used them for a while, but eventually uninstalled them. Since then, my laptop hasn’t been able to enter sleep/suspend. When prompted to sleep, it only locks the screen. I had a look in the journals, and found this error:

fedora systemd-logind[1180]: Error during inhibitor-delayed operation (already returned success to client): Unit nvidia-resume.service not found.

I think the driver uninstallation failed to clean one of the systemd service directories. Looked around for a bit, and found the culprit. Fixed it with:

sudo rm /etc/systemd/system/systemd-suspend.service.requires/nvidia-resume.service

Now the laptop suspends as it should :slight_smile:

Has anyone else experienced this?

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You probably have installed the nvidia driver from the .run installer.
You will have to report this issue to nvidia via tool.

The recommended way is to install the driver is to use rpmfusion which doesn’t exhibit the issue. (it also has the tool).

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I should have mentioned it, I installed proprietary nvidia driver from rpmfusion repo.