Is it possible to suppress an (firmware) update in Gnome Software? (SilverBlue)

I’m on a Dell Laptop and have been running SilverBlue on it since I think version 35 or 36. I’ve had several firmware updates show up and apply correctly.

For the last few weeks I’m getting a notice on Gnome Software that there is a Secure Boot dbx Configuration Update. I’ve tried several times to apply it, but my machine just reboots and does nothing and the update notice comes up again.

Since I dual boot with Windows, I tried to use Dell’s own update software to search for any missing bios/firmware updates and it comes up saying everything is up to date.

So (finally) my question is: Is it possible to somehow suppress this update notice so it stops bugging me to install it?

Attaching a screenshot of the update notice for clarity:

I guess the update was not applied, but Software did not warn you about it.
I have the same problem with an old Dell laptop.

You can install GNOME Firmware and verify which firmware version you are running.
If you try to update it in GNOME Firmware you should see the error.

As soon as there is an issue, Gnome Software is useless.

I recommend using cli tool fwupdmgr to update firmware. At least you get a feedback and learn if transaction is sucessful or why it’s failing.

1.) sudo fwupdmgr refresh ; sudo fwupdmgr get-updates
2.) sudo fwupdmgr update

Edit: If you installed v. 220 from Windows, the update shouldn’t appear anymore after the commands in 1.)

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