Is it possible to skip the grub screen on start up like windows


I was thinking that if it is possible to skip the grub and directly bootinto the login screen something like windows or mac by reducing the grub delay to maybe 0sec can anyone help me and if i do that will i ever able to see grub if i wanted to. If yes then how if no then feature request.

You can edit /etc/default/grub and set GRUB_TIMEOUT to 0.

Then rebuild the grub config following these instructions:

Making feature requests on the forum isn’t likely to result in any action. That isn’t really how Fedora works.


Then how to request something.

And when i want to access the grub then what i have to do then.

I believe you use the shift key but I haven’t used grub in quite some time.

Ohhh i see if you don’t use grub then what you use that means you don’t use fedora. Fedora gives grub always.

Not really, it just means I replace the bootloader after installing.

I generally prefer systemd-boot for my needs.

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Is it good looking and stable then please tell me how can i do that i will also do it

I don’t advise switching to systemd-boot unless you have a reason to do so. I like it because it is simple but it actually has far fewer features than grub does.


Okey thank you

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or Esc works too.

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