Fedora Kinoite skips Grub, dual boot fails!

I installes Kinoite fresh on a Laptop in parallel with Win10.

I am not sure if I deletes windows boot manager, hope not but may well be.

Anyways I cant even see my deployments, which I do on another machine. Grub is skipped!

The laptop uses UEFI, I set shimx64.efi as target for secureboot.

I already modified the /etc/default/grub file, which was already at 10s, I dont know if there is some setting to hide grub. I set Hidden=false (in the correct syntax.

I also discovered the /etc/grub.d/30_os-prober and added the not existing line quick_boot="1"

I’m having the same problem on Kinoite 38, the menu comes up if I shut down the computer manually with the power button, but strangely it seems the only way to get it, did you find a solution?

What happened to your reply?
Either way, should I open a new thread since I’m having the issue with a newer version of Fedora?

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This is a Windows problem. I forgot the command but best is to really shutdown the windows with a .bat file executing that command.

But be aware there is no $PATH or anything, its very weird. You need to specify the directory of “shutdown” and then add the arguments for a full shutdown.

Press on that file instead of your button. Also solves the “my pc drains battery when off” annoyance

this is hillarious Fedora Mods /system

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