I find Systemd-boot to be faster starting up than Grub2

I switched my system over to systemd-boot recently and notice (subjectively) that the system starts up and reaches login point faster than it did with Grub2. I switched back to Grub2 to check this out and it was at least 5 seconds slower (loosely timed with a watch) at booting the system than systemd-boot was. Anyone else notice this about Grub2 boot up taking forever?

I also use systemd-boot. It is faster but 5 seconds seems like too much difference.

How is your system otherwise configured? Is the partition holding /boot encrypted? What filesystems are you using?

Note my “loosely timed”, don’t be too literal…

I don’t use encryption as it is superfluous in my case. I also don’t bow to the DRM under the false flag “Secure Boot”.

I use the standard systems Fedora defaults to with my own not flat layout.

Out of curiosity, are you using kernel-install to install a kernel and initrd or are you using a unified kernel image(UKI)?

I used kernel-install to install the entry, in my case the latest kernel for Fedora, but I noticed I could have added earlier ones with it as well.