Is it possible to silence the boot sound?

I installed fedora asahi on a second hand m1 machine which I got only for that purpose. I am really happy with the choice. However I find the sound the laptop makes on boot really annoying. Is there a way to disable it from within Asahi?

yeah that would be amazing like on mac os where if the sound of the computer is off, then it automatically mutes the boot sequence sound !

Boot into macOS, go to System Settings → Sound → uncheck “Play sound on startup”

Or from Linux, this should work: sudo asahi-nvram write system:StartupMute=%01 (dnf install asahi-nvram first)

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do you think it would be possible to mimic mac os so that if I turn my volume to 0 it automatically write the config to nvram ?

That’s different, there’s also a separate volume arg. But this is a pretty big layering violation on the Linux side because volume is a per-user property, not system-global. We could come up with something, but I don’t see it happening until we have an nvramd with a dbus interface.

Basically it’s a lot of work for a minor QoL thing, so unless someone wants to sign up to do it, it’s not going to get much attention. We also need this kind of thing for proper Bluetooth key sync (which is a bigger usability issue), so perhaps once there is a solution for that this will be easier to add on.

Thanks! I had to reboot so I did this but I was looking for something like what @marcan posted later. Thanks a lot both of you!