Is it possible to reduce the scroll speed?

Hi all,

I see it’s possible to set the pointer speed in Fed39 Gnome, but I don’t see a way to adjust the scroll speed. Is this at all possible?

Many thanks.


Working with Fedora and checking the options in Settings confirms what you mentioned about adjustment of the scroll speed.

What you still could check is the dconf-editor if you find a option not listed in the settings.
Just be careful with the tool, you could easy break your gnome.

This would be great to have. As far as pointer speed goes improvements were obtained by adding a custom hwdb entry used by libinput.

cat 71-mouse.hwdb 
mouse:usb:v06a3p0cc3:name:Saitek PLC*:*
 MOUSE_DPI=1750@1000 2000@1000 2800@1000 *4000@1000

Now gnome always thinks the mouse is 4000dpi even when I switch to 2800 or 2000 dpi on the device giving me options for pointer speed.

hwdb can also be use to change scroll wheel degree per step. Gestures also have settings. I have to experiment more so this post is not definitive but just hopeful.