How to reduce scrolling speed Gnome 43 Silverblue 37

Hi, I’d like to turn down the touchpad scrolling speed for Silberblue 37 Beta. On Fedora Workstation, I just ninja install the libinput-config repo, but how should I install it on Silverblue such that it is system-wide?

(As GNOME 43 made some scrolling changes, I figured the fast scroll speed would’ve been fixed in Fedora 37 Beta, but it’s not.)

So for rpm-ostree based systems, you can copy the repo file to /etc/yum.repos.d I think it is called or you can add the remote to ostree so rpm-ostree sees it with sudo ostree config set --group='remote "myremote"' url Rpm-ostree documentation is here and Ostree documentation is there