Is it possible to enable hibernation with Silverblue?

Does anyone know if it is possible to enable hibernation with Silverblue? I already have a swap partition big enough to hold RAM contents and have used hibernation with Fedora on non-Silverblue workstations.

There doesn’t seem to really be any documentation on how or if it works on Silverblue. Any help or suggestions are definitely appreciated.

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Due to zstd compress you can power off and it will be like hibernation When you boot up.

Have you managed to enable hibernation on Fedora Silverblue?

I was going to say the same. Silverblue should automatically hibernate if you push the power button.

No. Power off button or ‘systemctl poweroff’ does not do what hibernation is supposed to do. All my machine state is gone when I power off machine.

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Yes true but the concern is boot up so power off and hibernation are quite similar now.

Uhh – no.

Hibernation saves the status at the time hibernation is invoked and the restart opens apps up exactly as they were (or is supposed to).
Power off give a totally new system start up status when restarted.

Hibernation and suspend are both supposed to save the current status, while a power off loses any current status.

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