How can I enable hibernation in Fedora?

I’d like to get hibernation on my laptop to preserve the battery life while the system is off for long hours. In internet I see a few topics about how to enable hibernation on Fedora but they don’t exactly answer my questions.

I have a BTRFS installation inside LUKS, I can handle disabling zram (if necessary) making a swapfile in BTRFS that’s covered here but I’m not quite sure on how to make hibernation working. While chatting with other Linux users in internet I learned that kernel lockdown, which seems like a security feature causes hibernation to not work. It’s enabled in Fedora kernel and I don’t know how to disable it, plus I don’t know if there are other stuff that needs to be disabled, so I thought it’s just better to ask here instead.

There was an article about that here: Hibernation in Fedora Workstation - Fedora Magazine

It looks like there is a small addendum for Fedora Linux 38 here: Some improvements for Fedora Linux 38

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