Is Intel Arc A770 supported?

I am using linux from 2 years now, very happy learned lot of new things, but I am still noob and I consider myself as beginner.
Anyway I have no knowledge about GPUs support in linux currently my pc uses integrated one so I never had to do anything, but now I’m building a new pc and for that I am planning to get a Intel Arc A770, will it have headaches like nvidia? enable repos then install some packages? or is it supported by default?

I will give you a answer later (today I hope) since I am going to test it!
I gave up on Nvidia and Wayland.
And Ubuntu + Intel Arc 770 is bad, at least for me.
Even on my EndeavourOS (Arch) won’t give me full access to the drivers, there is indeed many problems.

Neverless, I will test it out, and if Fedora with (ewww) Gnome works, I must live with that, since KDE Plasma and wayland still have to many problems (at least for nvidia and also this new intel card)

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Thank You so much for your reply!
I am running up-to-date fedora and the kernel version I have is 6.0.12-300 which already includes the drivers I guess, so I think I don’t need to do anything? What I want from your side is just confirmation if everything is fine and ok? Then I can go get one a770 or a750!

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Maybe it has been supported.I play veloren(a game on Linux) with Intel Arc A770 on Fedora 39 smoothly.But if you want to monitor Intel graphics card usage,You‘d better follow the docs below to install “intel-gpu-tools” and run “intel-gpu-top” as root.