Is Intel Arc A770 supported?

I am using linux from 2 years now, very happy learned lot of new things, but I am still noob and I consider myself as beginner.
Anyway I have no knowledge about GPUs support in linux currently my pc uses integrated one so I never had to do anything, but now I’m building a new pc and for that I am planning to get a Intel Arc A770, will it have headaches like nvidia? enable repos then install some packages? or is it supported by default?

I will give you a answer later (today I hope) since I am going to test it!
I gave up on Nvidia and Wayland.
And Ubuntu + Intel Arc 770 is bad, at least for me.
Even on my EndeavourOS (Arch) won’t give me full access to the drivers, there is indeed many problems.

Neverless, I will test it out, and if Fedora with (ewww) Gnome works, I must live with that, since KDE Plasma and wayland still have to many problems (at least for nvidia and also this new intel card)

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Thank You so much for your reply!
I am running up-to-date fedora and the kernel version I have is 6.0.12-300 which already includes the drivers I guess, so I think I don’t need to do anything? What I want from your side is just confirmation if everything is fine and ok? Then I can go get one a770 or a750!

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