Intel Arc A380 Support on Fedora and Silverblue

How is the support for Intel Arc graphics cards like the A380 on Fedora 38 and Silverblue? I’m asking because I’m running Silverblue 38 right now and a good deal just came up on this card. Just wondering if this card is supported as of now and my computer won’t be crashing left and right after installing it.

Does 3d acceleration work on it? I will be using it to play some light games off Steam.

Trying to toss my nvidia gtx 1060 to the curb after crashing with proprietary drivers many times but that’s a discussion for another thread.

I’m still on F37 having A750, so I still need the “i915.force_probe=56a1” boot option for kernel. In F38 that option is not needed anymore AFAIK. Said that, never had video related issues. My use cases do not include gaming, so maybe this is how I got “lucky” :wink:
Since launch of Intel Arc graphics cards each driver release made situation better and better according to Level1, LLT and others on YouTube.
At lease in my case A750 drives my wide screen 4k monitor with no issues at all (of course, minus gaming - not my cup of tea).