Are Intel Arc GPUs supported?

Is or will be supported intel arc gpu?

I don’t know, but excerpted from Intel Arc Graphics Running On Fully Open-Source Linux Driver:

it can work if using Linux 6.0 Git and Mesa 22.2 or newer. Plus make sure you have linux-firmware.git for the very latest GuC firmware support. With Linux 6.0 the desktop PCI IDs are added in and other DG2 features/workarounds/improvements. But with Linux 6.0 the DG2 class support isn’t exposed by default but requires setting the i915.force_probe=[PCI-ID] module option to force the driver to initialize the graphics card.

See also: Linux 6.2 Features: Stable Intel Arc Graphics. RTX 30 Support, Intel On Demand + IFS Ready - Phoronix


Hello… According to this article, it doesn’t even work on Windows…

Its working on windows
At my side with no bugs,
Its working on Fedora but after enabling x264 stop

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Now after tweaking work ,only elisa ,dragon player when start, fedora reboot

You might just have to wait for the 6.2 kernel.

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yes , read about it

Intel has support for Linux with information here :
No question about kernel version, try Red Hat drivers on Fedora (download on Intel site and local install with ‘rpm -i *.rpm’) …

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