Invite to the Day of Accessibility (Space Telescope Science Institute - in person and streaming)

Hi, Fedora Friends! I thought I’d share an invite to an #a11y focused event that I became aware of thanks to @jenneh (Jenn Kotler). The Space Telescope Science Institute is holding a Day of Accessibility event. The content looks like its focused on blind and visually impaired access to screen readers and other technologies in relation to astronomy. This might be kind of a niche topic, but I think there are Fedoran’s who are interested in accessibility, astronomy, or both.

If you’re interested and local to Baltimore, Maryland, US, you can attend in person. They will also offer a live stream link, for the rest of us :smile: Hopefully they will post recordings after the event, as well.


Yay Jenn! Happy to see this and see her rocking accessibility at the Space Telescope Science Institute. Thanks for sharing this here @riecatnor.

CC: @ekidney @siddharthvipul1 @vpolasek