[Introduction] Alan Olsen

Hi. I figure I should write a few articles for Fedora magazine. I have a few ideas that have not been covered.

My background:

I have been using Linux since the Yggdrasil beta. (1994?) Switched to Slackware and then Redhat 3.0. I have used a number of distros over the years. (Fedora since Fedora 1.) Spent time hacking on the kernel as a hobby and a profession. Spent a lot of times helping out the local user group. (Portland Linux/Unix Group.)

Why am I here? I figure the only way to improve my technical writing skills is by actually writing articles for people to read. Fedora Magazine seems a good place to start. Hopefully my writing style is not too esoteric. I am willing to take suggestions if they are useful.

What else do you want to know?

Hello @alano ,
Welcome to the Fedora Project discussion area!
Great, just like I was asking for in this post where you can find the steps to getting setup as a writer and get your proposals, which you can make here by creating a discussion topic in the magazine category.

Welcome Alan!

We don’t require much in the way of writing style. I even like some of the esoteric stuff. I’m looking forward to seeing what you have to offer!

Thanks for volunteering!