Introduce yourself! (2023 Q2)

The best way I can explain product management to folks is “falling in love with a problem, and ruthlessly experimenting and talking to end users to find the next best solution”. A lot of my previous work was around trying to experiment with feedback from employees in the Contact Center space in better ways to solve problems like “in a heavy productivity focused environment, how do you build engagement and personal development for employees”.

My background in that space took me into Design Thinking and ultimately Service Design worlds which I spend a lot of time practicing today! Making experiences better by focusing on the problem and the steps in the problem, where the solution you design may be replaced or isn’t the final product, it’s a common understanding and rallying around a issue.

My hope is to take some of that thinking into something in Fedora - maybe the Community Operations team and collaborate with folks!


Nice, Community Ops sounds like a great spot for that kind of contribution! I’ll also mention the design-team. While a lot of their work is focused on graphical design, part of it does touch on UX like what @duffy does. Just read your thread on updating a one stop shop for Fedora apps and it sounds great! Glad to have you!

@jflory7, we got someone else who’s interested in Community Operations!


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