Interrupted fedora 30 upgrade, cant boot after removing duplicated packages

Hi, while upgrading from fedora 29 to fedora 30 a power failure issue interrupt the upgrade. many packages duplicated. i search google and found that i need to run the command:
“$sudo dnf remove --duplicates” to solve the issue, but now i cant login to the system! when i try to boot a recovery shell open for me. I also download feoda live CD to try to chroot to the system and try to recover it but it fail to “chroot /mnt /bin/bash” it say bash not found.

any idea how to solve the issue without doing a fresh installation.


Hello @drdeath …! Welcome to the community! Please do take a few minutes to go over the introductory posts in #start-here when you have the time. They contain lots of useful information.

First mount your environment correctly:

Restoring the bootloader using the Live disk.


i mount the environment as in the link, but the same issue i got error “/bin/bash not found”

when i try to boot to fedora i got this error:
" Failed to switch root: Specified switch root path /sysroot does not seem to be an OS tree. os-release file is missing"