Intel Arc GPU on KDE with Rawhide kernel: No output

Hi, I have an Intel Arc A380 and a Nvidia 3060 Ti for a VFIO setup. Here is what I did:

  1. Update kernel to RawhideKernelNodebug for the Intel Arc drivers
  2. Setup grub and dracut so that the Nvidia card is preloaded with the vfio-pci driver
  3. Create a Windows 10 VM with virt-manager, passthrough the Nvidia card, and further performance tuning

However this does not work on the KDE spin because no Intel Arc drivers are present even after updating the kernel to Rawhide.

I have tried this in the GNOME version and it worked perfectly.

What do I need to install/update to make the KDE spin recognize my Intel Arc GPU? Or is it impossible at the moment?

BTW, is there a kernel-headers package for the RawhideKernelNodebug version of the kernel?