Installtion of the seismic unix

Hi, i am using Fedora 31, i need to install seismic unix, please inform how to install SU in Fedora 31.

Please let us know what you have tried so far and where you are stuck, so we can answer specifically.

Here is the author’s guide on how to install the software on linux:

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i am in begging process step,i didn’t understand how to make this installation.

my download the version of SU is cwp_su_all_44R18….
i got error, and send u nas picture, please check error and modified as soon as possible.

I can’t see this step, before m̀ake:

cd $CWPROOT/src


If the install turns out to be too complicated (or not compatible with the modern tool chain of a recent Fedora) you may want to consider the following: Install Manjaro Linux in a Virtual Machine (Gnome Boxes, virt-manager, VirtualBox, …) and install the software natively from the Arch AUR, where it is provided pre-built. (one command you are ready to go)

I am not suggesting you shouldn’t try install SU on your host - this would just be an alternative approach…

Are you familiar with virtual machines?

Hi sir, can u do SU installation in team viewer, i can’t understand su installation in fedora…