Installing RStudio on asahi (arm64), any tips?

Do you have any advice on how to install a stable RStudio version on a ARM64 architecture such ASAHI FEDORA REMIX?


Fedora has rstudio-desktop and rstudio-server 2023.12.0 (2023.12.1 is in testing) packages.

I installed and I had quite a series of alerts (that honestly I did not understand). But I realized that it may be necessary to install the package for a proper architecture (aarch64). From here (I guess).

This is possibly a broken electron app. Old Chromium/Electron versions did not handle 16k pages on arm64/linux. The app needs to be based on Electron 19 or later.

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According to the patch notes, upstream is building version 2023.12.0 with Electron 26.

FWIW, I just installed it with sudo dnf install rstudio-desktop on my Asahi machine and it seems to start-up just fine. First time using RStudio (or R), but at least the little demo thingie I tried out works: