Installing Fedora without USB or CD

So I was stuck in a situation where I didn’t have immediete access to a USB stick, so what I did was create a FAT32 partition on my ssd and boot from that partition.
This worked for ubuntu and arch linux, however for fedora the installer gets stuck on cancel-multipath-multipath-wait-nvme0n1.service

Is there a way to install fedora without USB or CD? At this point it’s more like a challenge for me than a need, I’ve already installed arch on my PC but i want to find out how to do this with fedora.

Edit: I read somewhere that I can start a virtual machine on vmware and install it on the hard drive, so far I have not tried that
Edit 2: Yes I know PXE installs are possible, but what I want to do is use just the computer with a preinstalled OS and the ISO and nothing else

network based installation using a second machine… Setting Up an Installation Server :: Fedora Docs

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yeah server installs are available, but I want something apart from this.

I think you can create a small partition in ssd and use flash iso onto that and boot fron it.
cp fedora-38.iso /dev/sda1
Like so.

Once the iso is on the hard drive then it is quite possible to manually create a grub menu entry for the installed system that would boot from the iso and allow installing from it.

I did exactly that, I created an 8 GB FAT32 partition on my nvme disk and booted from there, but the boot constantly fails.
It gets stuck on cancel-multipath-wait-nvme0n1.service.

Yeah, I did that but it gets stuck on cancel-multipath-wait-nvme0n1.service