Installing broadcom wifi drivers

@sabrina and others… I checked an iMac 21.5" (iMac16,2 non 4K) from 2015, with Fedora Linux 37 installed, using inxi -n and get the message that there is no driver for the built in Broadcom BCM43602 installed.

Network: Device-1: Broadcom BCM43602 802.11ac Wireless LAN SoC driver: N/A

I reboot the same iMac from the official Fedora Linux 37 Live iso, “burned” to an USB Stick, have to sudo dnf install -y inxi to install the inxi utility and run the command again, getting the following result:

Network: Device: Broadcom BCM43602 802.11ac Wireless LAN SoC driver: brcmfmac IF: wlp3s0 state: up mac: 00:00:00:00:00:00

Conclusion: on the Fedora Linux 37 Live iso the Wi-Fi driver for this iMac is present, however it does not get installed onto its SSD when installing Fedora itself. Booted from the Fedora Linux 37 Live iso Wi-Fi can be configured and used to traverse the internet, however when booting from the installed iMac no Wi-Fi adapter is found and with that, no Wi-Fi network can be selected and used.

So the drivers are available on the Live iso, now how to get them into that installed Mac, or your machine as well…?

1.) Enable rpmfusion free and non-free repositories, see Configuration - RPM Fusion
sudo dnf install$(rpm -E %fedora).noarch.rpm$(rpm -E %fedora).noarch.rpm

2.) sudo dnf install broadcom-wl, see broadcom-wl | Package Info | koji

3.) reboot

Further information: Broadcom wireless - ArchWiki

edit: @memento : I moved your post into a new topic, since your question is unrelated to the problem the OP was facing with a newer generation wifi chipset.

And, by the way, there is a bunch of similar or same topics on the forum: Search results for 'broadcom' - Fedora Discussion


Would it harm to preinstall this driver package for all users, if they dont have a broadcom card?

This driver is based on akmods that rebuilds the module on each kernel update, and it takes extra time and CPU load.

Also Fedora doesn’t preinstall non-free packages or ship them in the main repos.

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Okay thanks! So this would require a special kernel with the akmods kernel modifyer.

Do you know if akmods works on OSTree? Because changing CPU settings with ryzenadj doesnt work for example.

I know, it would be for a custom image for people with broadcomm cards.

No, Akmods is a package readily available from fedora. Not a special kernel at all.
Merely a tool to automatically build the needed modules when a kernel is updated.

The comment about non-free packages is the key as to why it is not provided by default. The user must choose to install that broadcom software, which is provided by a 3rd party repo.

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