Install Real Time Kernel in Fedora 34?

Hail All. I just want to know because I just curious, my question is
Is this link still valid until now I mean, now I’m using fedora 34 and want to try and install real time kernel. This link below stil valid and working for install kernel real time in fedora 34?
or maybe another better link tutrorial?

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Although that link points to instructions for Fedora 18, some 16 versions ago, I’m not sure it’s completely outdated; that is, this article from Fedora Magazine in August 2020 still uses the CCRMA repo and the the only real difference seems to be the use of dnf over yum.

One thing I’ve read as a negative for using the rt kernel is power usage, but if you’re installing it then you likely need it. :slight_smile:

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Thank you for your explanation I’ve followed the tutorial in this link

because this link is newer maybe i can called official from fedora developer. But I’ve problem, when i type this command to install kernel rt

sudo dnf installl kernel-rt

I received message there is no name packet kernel-rt as shown in my SS below. so i failed to installl this kernel, repo already I add before, please see my SS.

How to solved this problem?


The article I linked does seem to indicate it can be done, but the CCRMA page at Stanford University seems to suggest Fedora 30 was the last version for which the rt kernel was compiled.

There’s a chance you need to compile your own rt kernel… Perhaps someone else could weigh in, someone who knows more?

Yes, I read that, I just noob, so I decided to pending install kernel RT in fedora 34,until i found better and official tutorial to install rt kernel in fedora 34. Thank you for your explanation.

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You can try the ‘Jam’ spin. I think it uses the kernel-rt.

At some level, we’re all noobs. :slight_smile:
Happy to try and help!