Wish list for audio production related things to be brought into the Fedora mainstream repos

Feel free to add your thoughts to this thread. At the top of my list, would be a Fedora real time kernel in the main repos. Actually, both low latency and real time kernels would be a good idea. Why do I place an emphasis on them being in the main repos? Both because it would reflect a willingness to promote Fedora as a platform for audio production, but more importantly, because it would present an opportunity to more users that aren’t necessarily interested in audio production, but potentially would be interested in low latency and real time kernels, such as gamers, to test the kernels. Lastly, the kernels would be able to be updated with other packages (and hopefully remain compatible) with the general stream of updates, rather than having to jump through a spectacular series of hoops…

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I have in mind two package for rehearsale via internet:

  • Jamulus
  • Sonobus.
    I already tested Jamulus for 3 rehearsales and it worked fine. But for now, Jamulus is only avallable via the LinuxMAO COPR repository.
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I have another wish as well. For Fedora to fork the “Ubuntu Studio Controls” settings pane, for use in Fedora Jam.

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