Install and setup qtile window manager


Is there any good instructions on setting up qtile window manager in Fedora?

End result being, when on the login screen I can select qtile instead of Plasma from the desktop dropdown menu.

If you haven’t yet, you should install qtile with dnf. Then log out and back in and see if the option is there.

What you are looking for is at: Configuration — Qtile 0.21.1.dev0+gb4577ac.d20220323 documentation

The full install manual is here, Installing Qtile — Qtile 0.21.1.dev0+gb4577ac.d20220323 documentation

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That was the first thing I tried and I can’t remember the exact wording dnf said, but it wasn’t in the dnf repo at all.

There is an article on the fedoramagazine website talking about tiling window managers and it mentions Qtile and it says to install with dnf. But Fedora must have removed it or something, I’m not sure.

Yes I found them and installed what it said before I posted this. But the docs on it were far to scarce for me. I needed more detailed steps, I’ve never setup a tiling window manager from scratch before. It’d always be pre-installed with whatever distro I tried it with.

I wanted Qtile as I’m used to it now(from being on Arco, but Arco kept dying on me for various reasons). So I wanted to run Fedora as my main machine for the better stability. So I thought I’d install Fedora and be able to setup Qtile. But i ended up jumping to Garuda as Garuda has a Qtile flavour.