Install a Nvidia graphics card (slightly old) in my Fedora WS 34

OS : Fedora Workstation 34
CPU : AMD Ryzen 5900x

I purchased a cheap MSI graphics card which uses Nvidia’s GeForce GT 710 GPU.
Following is the specs of the graphics card

I want to install this graphics card in my new AMD Ryzen desktop.

As I understand, Fedora does not come with proprietary drivers. And Mr Linus Torvalds does not like Nvidia either :slight_smile: So, what is the recommended way to install this Nvidia GPU’s driver in Fedora WS 34 ?

I found (and downloaded) the driver for Linux 64-bit from the following Nvidia web page.
Its a 169 MB file named . This .run extension seemed a bit weird to me as I expecting a .rpm package. But, before running this (and if I can run it successfuly in Fedora), I thought of asking you guys on the common/recommended way to install a Nvidia GPU in a Fedora 34 system.

Don’t use that file. It is generic from nvidia and may have issues with fedora.

Instead either use the method from the repo or use this autoinstaller. Both methods install the drivers from rpmfusion but the second handles everything for you automatically.


The auto installer thing looks good. Thanks JV

So, once I install the driver using this auto install script and every time I upgrade the OS (using dnf upgrade), the graphics driver packages will also be automatically updated. Right ?

The auto installer also installs and enables the .repo files so when updates run, yes the drivers also get updated with each version update. The .run installer from nvidia does not auto update.

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