Inertia Blast (Thrust Clone)

I never played the original Thrust game but enjoyed a remake using svgalib when I first started using Linux. The creator had ported the game to X11 (psuedo color only) but that’s still not usable today. Thrust 30 is a great online recreation but I prefer not to depend on the web site remaining available. The creator also didn’t release the levels as open source.

I grabbed the old version I played and ported it to SDL. I ended up removing all the other graphic modes in order to modify other things. The title screen was replaced because it appears to have been copied from the original game. I took the opportunity to rename the game Inertia Blast. I’ve replaced some of the other graphics with images similar to Thrust 30. Initial Gamerzilla support was also added.


Review Request for Fedora

Figured I’d package it up. This is my third review request now waiting for approval. Hopefully one or two will be approved before I modify another game. :slight_smile:

So arrow key for rotation and thrust. Space for catching the pod. Are those all controls? :smiley:

Enter key fires a laser blast as well. You can shoot the defense systems. You can also destroy the power plant. That starts a countdown until the planet is destroyed so make sure you are ready to leave. The default keys are control for thrust and ‘a’ and ‘s’ for rotation.

Why would anyone need to destroy a planet in a Thief game? :smiley: Does destroying a planet gives more points?

In the demo of original C64 game it looks like it is also possible to refuel. Is it the same Enter key?

The space button activates shields. If you are close enough to the pod it will attach to that as well. If you are above and close enough to a fuel depot it will slowly drain that as well. The demo does that if you wait to watch it.

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I wrote up my changes as part of my Open Game Source articles.

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