Improve Docs Experience - Night mode and Sort

I believe every site should be built to make its constituents easy to access, that’s why I would like to propose another adjustment to the fedora docs page.

I did a survey of 5 persons that I specifically handpicked for the sake of the survey due to the rate of use of devices by these 5 persons. I asked if they liked having options for viewing a page and I asked them to state those options. 70% of them mentioned that they’d have also preferred if they were given an option of viewing pages in dark mode as it helps reduce battery consumption and reduces the effect of blue light on the eye(it has been scientifically proven).
The idea of also being able to sort data on the page was also brought up in the survey.

I used the information from the survey to design a new prototype of the fedora docs site.
Note: I added a “night mode” icon at the top right corner, by clicking on it, the page changes to a darker theme and vice versa. A drop-down menu was also added at the top left corner to be able to sort data on the site.

Here’s a link to the prototype

I used Figma as a design tool.

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I like the general design here. The boxes might be a little too tall, although that’s something that can be tweaked.

I’m personally a big night mode user, so I like the idea of adding that to the docs, especially if it can be done in a way that respects the OS preferences.

The “contribute” box is a little small. What this proposal loses is easy access to contributor docs. That might be a good decision in some regard—that we highlight the user docs more readily—but we still want to make the contributor docs easy to get to.

Really nice, yes. I’m wondering a bit about the sort thing. I think, the sort criteria are a difficult matter. And the current order represents a meaningful structure.

Ok sir, noted. Thanks for giving me feedback on what you think. I’ll see what changes could be made and what could be improved on.

Thanks for your thoughts, I really appreciate it. But what did you mean when you said the sort thing is a really difficult matter? I’d really love to know how I can improve on it.