Implementation of wifi mac id randomization


hey @bcotton can wifi mac address randomization can be added in fedora next
having macid randomization somewhat gives a basic level of security


it is all about privacy enhancement while connecting to public wifi it is helpfull for having an option for mac id randomization for wifi in various areas like coffee shop Starbucks to McDonalds airport plains trains even railway station to school and college wifi usage mac id for user tracking and other stuff if we can have a feature by default like android and grapheneos that will change macid on each session of usage. it will greatly increase the privacy and security.

Hey @frankjunior, several things here.

First… I assume you are pinging Ben because you see his name on new feature proposals and announcements. It does not really work that way — in his role as Fedora Program Manager, Ben oversees the Changes Processes and acts as the “change wrangler”. But that means that he shepards the process, not that he decides or gate-keeps what features go on.

Second, even if he did… how would this work? Would you expect Ben to write that code? Or hire someone to do it? That’s not how open source projects work. If you have an idea like this, it’s better to start from the ground-up — find someone close to the code, and look for existing interest from people who could implement.

But finally… NetworkManager, the tool we have used in Fedora for a long, long time already supports this, and you can find the option in the settings app in GNOME:


you are right

sorry about that

yes but it is not turned on by default like android i was asking for to have this feature turned on all the time.
in this case i dont think it need a lot of coding as it is present we need to just have this feature turned on always.
i find fedora 38 is actually working on some security from better secure boot to sha1 so using random mac by default is good start.

You should file an issue with the Workstation Working Group to see if they’re interested in making this change for future releases.

can you accept this and look into if this changes can be set to default thanks.

Why do we always have to mess with running systems? Users are used to “preserve” and some may use MAC addresses for IP assignment and authentication.
The change is literally one click away. Please don’t break the experience by changing defaults that are not required (though remain available to whoever wants it).

i am not asking to override on existing systems but for systems that does not change mac they can have the benefit of mac-random and on new connections it can be enforced.