How to enable mac randomization

How to enable mac randomization for better privacy and security. I am in fedora 36 beta right now and updated to 1april patch level.
Other infos can be given if required.

It is a bit old but as NetworkManager is still the default, it may help or at least indicate:


Can i do it with editing the file and app the following line
In /etc/systemd/networkd.conf
And add line MACAddressPolicy=random

Do you use systemd-networkd or NetworkManager? /etc/systemd/networkd.conf is for systemd-networkd and won’t work for NetworkManager. Article linked above will set MAC randomization for NetworkManager globally and you can override it per connection:

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How you got this menu can you elaborate
And i find a some post can’t find that rtn but it was told to make like systemd-networkd so it was i think etc/systemd/networkd.conf and adding that line will do that i don’t know much about that stuff and how you got that option i don’t have it in my gnome 42 system i could not find it in settings. Maybe i haven’t tried enough but if you can help. Please do.

I don’t have wireless setup but under settings network the far right gear click it then options and identity it has the option for random mac.

I am using nm-connection-editor but GNOME should have something similar. Open the GNOME Settings app and go to Network (or Wi-Fi) section and click the gear icon of the connection you want to edit:

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