Silverblue : how to enable mac randomization?

I’m on Silverblue (fedora 37) and I want better privacy and security.

How to activate the randomization of macs ?

I tried the recommendations of the article Randomize your MAC address using NetworkManager - Fedora Magazine but I can’t create the file 00-macrandomize.conf on /etc/NetworkManager/conf.d/ (permissions).

Thanks for your answers

You can create those files using sudo with your editor of choice: sudo vim /etc/NetworkManager/conf.d/00-macrandomize.conf, sudo nano /etc/NetworkManager/conf.d/00-macrandomize.conf , etc. /etc is not one of the read-only paths on Silverblue so you should be able to edit it just like in Workstation this way.


settings-> wifi-> wifi settings-> identity


Great! Thanks @vwbusguy and @frankjunior

Scott Williams, I’ll try to create the file using sudo, it can only help the beginner that I am. I’ll let you know if it works later, when I’m a bit more available to try.

Martin Luther, thanks for this solution in graphical method. Do you know if this parameterization is equivalent to the creation of the .conf file?

On the other hand, do we know how the mac randomization is done? Only the last three bytes of the MAC address or all bytes?

I read an interesting article on this subject and I wonder if the guidelines discussed can be set in Fedora Silverblue? → Tails - MAC address anonymization

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I don’t know about that part.
How graphical interface handles the randomization of mac ids and generate but it works afaik and in gnome it is waiting feature to be default while connecting to wifi with randomized mac-id you can look into the git for more indepth info

and to use it turn wifi off and on again.
Nonetheless I have shown you maybe the easiest way to configure mac-id randomization. and it does not require any editing of system .conf file with sudo and it works just like android.
it is not preferred to touch system conf file as many things can go wrong if not made correctly.
it can be done on other distros and hopefully on kde too.

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